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ORDER YOUR, BRAAI OR POTJIE AND ATTACHMENTS RIGHT HERE. You don't need to abandon your South African way of life.


Potjie Pots

We sell a complete range of potjie pots (English pronunciation "poy-key") both with and without legs, as well as flat bottomed bake pots. The majority of them are untreated cast iron pots as used to make "potjie kos" (pot food) in South Africa. We do have enameled potjie pots in size 2 and 3 with legs which do not need to be treated. Our traditional range of potjies are not treated on the inside and have only a protective layer of vegetable oil to prevent rusting and to help with curing during storage.

If you do buy one of our untreated potjie or bake pots then you will need to treat them before use as follows:

1. Wash out thoroughly with boiling water and scouring pad and dry over a heat source.
2. Coat inside with any cooking oil and heat until oil begins to smoke.
3. Using a paper towel, wipe inside clean. Repeat until towel wipes clean.
4. The pot is now ready for use. The more you use it the better it becomes.
5. After each use wash, dry and coat inside with oil.
6. Store in a dry place with absorbent paper inside.

Most important. Enjoy your potjie!